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what is myopia

Learn what is myopia (also known as nearsightedness), what causes it, and the currently available solutions to this growing problem. Read this article →

myopia vs hyperopia

Understand how to identify the difference between myopia and hyperopia (also known as farsightedness).
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nearsighted in one eye

Should you worry if you have myopia in just one eye? What if you have a big difference in lens power between both eyes? Find your answers here! Read this article →

Why Is My Vision Blurry at Night

Get a complete overview of the reasons why your vision gets blurry at night. Is it normal or should you worry? 
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astigmatism explained simply

In this article, we go over everything you need to know about astigmatism in simple terms so that anyone can understand.
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what is pseudomyopia

Pseudomyopia is sort of like “temporary” myopia. But what exactly is the difference? Learn everything you need to know in this article. Read this article →

are eye floaters a bad sign

Are eye floaters a bad sign? When should you worry? Learn about causes, symptoms, and treatment.
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double vision vs myopia

Is double vision and myopia the same thing? Learn why some people make the mistake of describing myopia as double vision.
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why does myopia get worse

Learn about an interesting theory on what causes myopia progression and a possible solution to this growing problem.
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how to stop myopia progression

Understand the science behind the main 7 ways doctors have tried to stop myopia from getting worse.
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atropine drops for myopia

Atropine eye drops are currently considered the most effective way to control myopia progression. Learn 5 things you should know about atropine. Read this article →

how do contact lenses work for nearsightedness

Ever wonder how contact lenses work to correct nearsightedness? How does something so small make such a big difference in your vision?
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Orthokeratology for Myopia

Understand the technology behind Orthokeratology, how it corrects myopia without the need for glasses, and the honest pros and cons. Read this article →

lasik eye surgery for myopia

The ultimate guide to LASIK eye surgery. From price to a step-by-step of what happens during the surgery, to the pros and cons, and much more. Read this article →

prk for myopia

This is the most complete article on PRK for myopia. What exactly happens during surgery? Is it safe? Is it better than LASIK? And much more. Read this article →

what happens if myopia is not treated

What happens if myopia is not treated? What if you stop wearing your glasses? Learn about the science on the under-correction of myopia. Read this article →

Eye Test Prescription Explained

This is a complete article explaining eye test prescriptions. Learn how to read the numbers and what the abbreviations mean.
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blue light and myopia

The shift towards a digital lifestyle has raised concern for digital eye strain. Learn what is blue light. Does it have any connection with myopia? Read this article →

what is eye pressure

Glaucoma is the silent killer of eye diseases. It’s associated with high myopia and high eye pressure. But what exactly is eye pressure?
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